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The devastating cyclone 'Bulbul' hit the project area. Trees were uprooted; houses, crops, animal's shelters were destroyed; fishes drowned. As after effect; water was polluted and domestic animals were sold due to lack of safe drinking water.

Nutrition garden at different project areas

Backyard Poultry Farming - An income generating programme

Climate change awareness activities programme

Crab cultivation - an income generating programme

Fish feed production - an income generating programme

Floating Garden and Floating Cage (Duck, Fish and Vegetable cultivation)- A unique model...

Various activities in schools...


Small Farm Improvement

Models for supporting sustainable agriculture: 1. Seed bank 2.Zero energy cold storage 3. Vermi-compost & Azolla pit 4. Rain-water harvesting

Unconventional sources of energy: Bio-gas plants. Solar Cooker

Cooking made easy with a bio-gas oven

Modified cooker

Mangrove plantation...

Bee Keeping and honey processing...