Collective Action to reduce Climate Disaster Risks and Enhancing Resilience of the Vulnerable Coastal Communities around the Sundarbans in Bangladesh and India (in short CCDRER project)

Targeted Beneficiaries:

  Target groups   Needs and constraints

Small and marginal farmers

Saline water intrusion reduced the scope of the agricultural activities within the vicinity. They are not aware about the climate change risks, vulnerabilities. They need to grow crops for their food security. Saline tolerant crops are required to demonstrate.

Fishermen, fish fry, crab collectors

The cyclone and tidal surge frequently damage their resources and reduce the scope of their livelihood.

Honey/fuel wood collectors

They are exploiting the resource of the Sundarban for their livelihood. They need to rehabilitate to reduce dependency on the natural forest.

Landless Community

They have poor access to livelihood and migrating to urban slums for searching of their livelihood.