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About Us Our Mission and Vision
DRCSC is a non-government development organization working in 12 districts of West Bengal and other states. Our major concern is food and livelihood security of the rural poor through sustainable management of natural resources on the basis of principles and actions, that are environment friendly, economically appropriate, socially just and developed by mutual cooperation.
about Us
CPR Community based common property resources
...we expect people would be able to produce fodders, firewood,small timbers and food and generate some off-season income through community based natural resource management in degraded/fallow land and the improved habitat would be beneficial for small wildlife.
Education Education for Sustainable Development
...we try inculcating basic scientific skill, making conscious & taking action about local socio-ecological problems and encouraging to take up natural resource based enterprises through life and livelihood oriented group activity based, experiential and learner centric environment education for the children.
Education Capacity Building
...we try to capacitate & aware grass-root organizations, social workers, educators, teachers and consumers about recent issues of development, techniques of sustainable agriculture, alternative education, mutual cooperation group building and micro-enterprise development through training, support services and networking.
Aila Climate Change
Collective Action to reduce Climate Disaster Risks and Enhancing Resilience of the Vulnerable Coastal Communities around the Sundarbans in Bangladesh and India (in short CCDRER project)
CCDRER project

Recent Reports 
Komen affected area Report on Impact of Komen
The depression created from cyclone Komen, which has been hovering over Bangladesh, has triggered heavy rain in India's northeastern and eastern states. In West Bengal, more than 1.8 million people in 5,600 villages across 12 districts were affected by rains and flooding.   Read full report

Self sufficient small farms
...We expect small and marginal farmers and sharecroppers will come out from the nexus of mono cropping-over consumption of chemicals-soil degradation-genetic erosion to environment friendly technologies of sustainable agriculture which can create nutritious poison free food for the family and strengthen local economy.
Nutrition and herbal garden
...We expect all families to grow vegetables in all the seasons, save their own seed, distribute surplus seed among neighbors and grow medicinal herb for their daily ailments.
Disaster Preparation & Climate Change Adaptation
...we expect in every disaster prone region proper strategic crop, grain bank and seed bank created to fight with the post disaster situation. Read more
A Report on Seed Festival 2014
Seed Festival 2014 was organised at Sahid Surya Sen Bhaban, Jodhpur Park, Kolkata on 30th August. The festival was utilized for knowledge sharing of resource farmers saving traditional seeds. Read full report
Accounts Statements 
Receipts & Payments Statement (Consolidated) for Apr'2014-Mar'15
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