Collective Action to reduce Climate Disaster Risks and Enhancing Resilience of the Vulnerable Coastal Communities around the Sundarbans in Bangladesh and India (in short CCDRER project)

Main Activities

The main activities of the project will be as follows:

 Team building and fund mobilization
 Conducting reconnaissance, census and baseline survey of the target group,
 Inception report preparation, social mobilization, conducting PVA,
 Development of local strategy and action plans for advancing community adaptation and DRR,
 Implementation of local adaptation strategy to climate change and DRR action plans,
 Building capacity of community and local actors including LGIs,
 Strengthening capacity and resilience of the vulnerable community for protection of their lives     and livelihoods,
 Demonstration of sustainable drinking water systems and agriculture practices,
 Promotion of low-cost renewable energy options,
 Promotion of agro-forestry and social forestry,
 Proper monitoring and evaluation,
 Facilitating partnership and networking with actors and stakeholders as well as
 Sharing the knowledge and dissemination of information with government, development     agencies and EU partners.