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Development Research Communication and Services Centre wants to hire Consultants for taking up two studies for 2 different projects in two different areas. The TORs are attached herewith for reference.

We want to invite a detailed proposal mentioning detailed methodology and financials on these two Terms of References within 27th August 2022. The detailed CVs of the team members and the experience of working on climate change adaptation specially shall be submitted alongwith.
Kindly send all the documents together at quotation@drcsc.org with a copy to admin@drcsc.org

Hard Copies may be sent to DRCSC, 58A Dharmotala Road, Bosepukur, Kasba, Kolkata 700042. Phone : 033-24427311 | www.drcsc.org

For any queries : Kindly get in touch with Somjita Chakraborty | 8017829946 | somjitac@drcsc.org

 TOR Baseline_Sufala ,     TOR Research_TECSAI

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