Photo Gallery

Harvesting leafy vegetables from a nutrition garden at Saraswati F. P School of Shibpur village, Frasergung

Indian Runner Duck distribution at Laxmipur, Amarabati and Shibpur village in Frasergung

Water hyacinth (Kachuri pana)floating garden at Shibpur village, Frasergung

School garden preparation and vegetables seed sowing at Shibpur village in Frasergung

IFS Training at Ramganga

First AGM at Ramganga FPC members.

Potato seeds distribution at Ramganga unit.

Vaccination camp for livestock arranged by DRCSC Frasergunj unit

Biswanathpur beneficiaries had an exposure visit at Gobindapur

Rajrajaswarpur beneficiaries exposure visit at Ramganga

Rajrajaswarpur beneficiaries exposure visit at Dakshin Gobindapur

Fish feed distribution at Freserganj Unit

At Sagarmadhabpur hen, duck, goat and cow vaccination Camp

Hen checks distribution at G Plot unit

Honey processing by Sanjhar Pradip SHG group at Indraprastha village

Global warming related awareness camp at Mahedrapur Bhuban Smriti Sangha Club

Representatives from SoH Germany Mr. Jonathan, Mr. Dirk and Ms. Merry along with Tapas Mondol and Anirban Banerjee from Kolkata Office visited different project areas in Ramganga, G-plot and Fresergunj from 25-27 October, 2022.

School seminar on global warming and it's impact on Sundarbans Island. Venue at Amarabati village Vivekananda F.P. school.

Awareness programme on Global Warming at Buraburir Tat organised at Sabuj Shangha club.

Club seminer on global warming and it's impact on Sundarbans Island, at Bijoybati

Training on improving nutrition garden at Rajrajaswarpur

School environmental class, Indrapur Jnakalyan F P school.

Club saminar at Rajrajaswarpur Tarun shangha

Water hyacinth floating garden making process at Bijoybati village Freserganj Unit

School garden preparetion at bijoybati FP school freserganj unit

Mangrove nursery pot filling and seedling at Debichak river side with champa mcg beneficiary group

Pipe, cowl and vegetables seeds distribution for ravi season at Dakshin Surendra Ganj

Goat purchasing by the villagers

Demonstration plot, bed preparation, plantation and vegetable seed sowing at Ramganga Unit.

SHG strengthening training programme at Amarabati training hall in Fraserganj

Club seminar on global warming and It's impact on Sundarbans island. Venue: Bijoybati flood shelter, Fraserganj

SHG Traning at Laxmipur organised by Freserganj unit

SHG strengthening training at Amarabati training hall under SOH project in Fraserganj

Seed preservation training at Debniwas flood centre in Freserjunk

IFS Plots exposure visit at Kriahnadaspur village organised by G plot unit

School environment education programme at Gayedham FP school

Club seminar at Amrabati Netaji club and library

Group strengthning training at Debnibas village, Fresergang unit

Group strengthning training at Bijoybati village conducted by Frserganj unit of SOH Project

Climate change seminar at Gadamathura Haripriya High School

School environment education at Gayedham FP school

School seminar on global awarming at G plot Vivakananda Vidyamamder

Social forest plantation at Indrapur village. G plot unit

Social Forest plantation (Arjun, Jarul, Babla, Maha Neem, Amloki Trees) at G plot unit, Daspur Village

Floating garden at Rajrajaswarpur, Krishna Duary by Alo mohila dal

School seminar on global warming at IIMC Sikhangan, Indraprastha.

Road-side multipurpose trees plantation at jogindrapur village

Fencing work is going on surrounding social forestry land by the group members

Club seminar on Global Warming Awareness at Ramganga Narayani pathagar.

Fingerling (Fish) and Fish feed distribution at N.D.S.S Play ground to 93 nos SHG members from different villages in Fraserganj GP under SOH project

Mangrove seeds (Kakra,jaran sundari etc) plantation at Jogindrapur Mridangabhanga river embankment

Club seminar at Dakshin Gobindapur Ma Narayani Club,Pathagarpratima, regarding climate change and its impact on Sundarban Island.

Floating nutrition garden.

International Day for Conservation of Mangrove Ecosystem celebrated on 26 July, 2022 at Daspur Flood Shelter, G-Plot, Patharpratima, South 24 Pgs.

Rally was organised to celebrate the International Mangrove Day on 26 July, 2022 at Fresargunj and Patharpratima of South 24 Pargana district.

Small Farm Improvement training to Gayadham and Indraprastha beneficiaries at Indraprastha field office

Fish spawn feed distribution to at G Plot Field office .

Social Forestry plantation beside karjan crick river at Daspur Village.

School garden at Mahendrapur S B High School.

Small Farm Improvement training at Rajrajaswarpur

Integrated Farming System training programme at Indrapur village Flood Centre Day -2

Small farm improvement training at Biswanathpur 2nd day

IFS Training Programme at Dakshin Surendra Ganj

School seminar at Dakshin Mahendrapur S B High School

School garden (Soil preparation work) at Ramganga Desapran primary school

New Mangrove plantation at Shibpur village in Frasergung unit under SOH project

Fish spawn distribution at Daspur village, G plot Unit

Gram panchayet level review meeting & SOH project presentation in Fraserganj G. P,

IFS training at Buraburir Tat

IFS training program organised by G-Plot Unit at Daspur village

Model Integrated Farming System training was held at Uttar Surendraganj

IFS training program organised at Indrapur village,

IFS training program organised by G-Plot Unit at Daspur village

New Mangrove plantation at Bijoybati(Purba) village by SHG members...

Nutrition garden training at Frasergunj Unit

Group strengthening training at Indrapur village,G plot

Group strengthening training at Gobardhanpur

Hen vaction camp at Sagarmadhabpur

Plastic model Bio-gas installation at Ramganga.

Pond digging work at Biswanathpur by Mamatamoye mohila dal

Monthly Action plan meeting at fresarganj with three units

Pot filling with mud as a part of social forestry work by Puja Mahila Samity at North Surendra Gunj

Paddy seed distribution at Dakshin Surendra Ganj village,G Plot

Hen chicks,Medicine, Vitamin and Feed distribution at Fraserganj Unit

A rally for World Menstrual Hyegne Day on 28.05.22

Protable hen cage distribution to tribal community at Daspur village

School garden preparation by women's group at Joginrapur Nimna Buniadi Vidalaya.

Memers of Maa Sarada Mahila Samity busy making fencing for fruit tree nursery at Dakshin Surendra Gunj

A newly built vermicompist-pit at Freserganj Gram Pamchayat

Mangrove plantation work is going on at kalistan, Bijaybati river side

Pond re-excavation work is in progress at Amrabati village of Fraserganj G.P

Club seminar on climate change and global warming and it's impact on Sunderban Islands, conducted in Maharajganj

Womens' group participated in a hen rearing training at Bijaybati Flood House.

A model hen house of Barnali Barui, a member of Sribhumi Mohila Group, Rajrjeswarpur

Pre-kharip seed distribution to Maa Sarada Mahila Samiti Group at Dakshin Surendra Ganj

A varmi-compost chamber is under construction at Daspur village.

School saminar programme at Rakshaskhali High School

Mangrove plantation work is going on at Bijoybati river side near Edward Crick River (Kalistan burning Ghat)

Mahamaya Mahila Group is engaged in pond excavation work in Bijaybati village.

Seed bank materials distribution to Ramkrishna Mahila Group at Gobardhanpur

School seminar on Global Warming and It's impact on Sundarbans island. Venue: Haripur Gadadhar H.S School in Fraserganj.

Fruit saplings distribution in a seminar on climate change and it's impact on Sundarban at Rakshaskhali village

Aquaculture training program at Indrapur.

Hen Rearing Traing Programme at Rakshaskhali

Baba Tarakeswar Sardhanjali Group FGD (Focus Group Dsicussion) at Dakshin Gobindapur

New pond excavation work going on at village Sitarampur, G plot

Sustainable aquaculture training organised in Bijaybati Flood House, Fraserganj Gram Panchayat on 2nd March 2022.

Global Warming and Climate Change Adaptation awareness programme in Vivekananda Vidyamandir school, G plot

Fruits saplings distribution moment...

Audit team field visit at Ramganga Sagar Mahila Group.

Training of DRCSC project staff at Ramganga project location. A three day (TOT) Training of Trainers was held from 24-26 February 2022

Practical session in ARTC office Ramganga organised on 25th February as a part of 3-day staff training in Ramganga.

ING Model: A newly built Vermicompost pit at Rajrajeswarpur village, Ramganga GP,

A new pond digging work is going on at Uttar Sitarampur village

Gram Panchayat level meeting at G Plot.

Seminar on climate change in Bijaybati village, attended 120 marginal farmers, beneficiaries and fisherman.

Club seminars on global warming and it's impact on Sundarbans organised at different venues of Fraserjanj G.P

Club seminars on global warming and it's impact on Sundarbans and plant distribution. Venue: Buraburir Tat, Naboday Sangha.

Awarnes camp on global warming at Ramganga Mitali Sangha club.

Global warming awarness camp at Jogindrapur Eastern Star club.

Kalistan, Bijaybati village, mangrove nursery preparation by women SHG members...

How to cultivate various crops on a bed in all season - hand-holding training

Taral Sar (Liquid manure), Amrit Pani making training by Animesh Bera and Amar Patra at Dakshin Surendaragunj...

How to cultivate various crops on bed - a training session

SHG Members exposure visit at Ramganga with Rajrajeswarpur group members.

Training on Group formation and strengthening in different villages

Smokeless chulla pipes and cap distribution at Dakshin Surendra Ganj...

Group meeting at lndrapur

T-Shirts distribution distributon to mahila group at Indrapur village

nutration garden at adibasi community

Smokeless chulli pipes and caps distribution to Sarada Women Group of Dakshin Surendra Ganj and also at Daspur village

T-Shirts distribution to Mamata Mahila Group

Gram Panchayat Members visited IFS,ING model plots 'Matir Sristi Dipanjali' at Ramganga, Patharpratima GP under MGNREGA project

T-Shirts distribution to SHG members by Asim Das Adhikari at DRCSC Fraserganj field office, in Shibpur village

T-Shirts distribution at village Satyadaspur Adbasipalli, Fresarganj Gram Panchayat, South 24 Pgs

T-Shirts distribution among Ma Durga Mahila Group at Uttar Surendra Ganj village, Fresarganj Gram Panchayat

Smokeles chulli pipes etc distribution to indivisual group members house at Ramganga GP

T-shirt distribution in Purba Bijoybati village to 9 SHGs covering 118 members under SCA/SOH project in Fraserganj GP.

Group meeting with Sampurna and Karmabhumi Groups in Paschim Bijoybati village...

A Nutrition Garden at Dakshin Surendra Ganj

Compost distribution at Buraburir Tat

Compost and neem oil distribution Indrapur village,G plot unit

Potato and Onion seeds distribution to Group members at Ramganga GP

Potato seeds distribution ...

Mangrove nursery development work is going on by DRCSC staffs, and selected 20 group members from two groups under the Mangrove development initiative of SCA/SOH project in Fraserganj gram panchayat

Training at Lakshmipur prabartak school on Nutrition Garden Development under SCA/SOH project in Fraserganj G.P. 12 varieties of seeds were distributed among 14 groups.

Nutrition Garden preparation for ST community at G plot, village-Satya daspur

Group nursery at Indrapur Taltala

Nutrition garden bed preparation plantation ...

Liquid manure (Taral Sar) making in progress

Social forestry water management at Jogindrapur

Nutrition garden tarining at Bijoybati village in Frasergunj GP, under SCA/SOH project

Bed preparation and saplings plantation ...

Liquid manure (Taral Sar) making in progress

Amrit Pani (One kind of liquid manure) preparation ...

<-- Sustainable agriculture practices by womens group: 1. Liquid manure preparation --- 2. Compost and vermi-compost making --- 3. Amrit-pani (compost) preparation --- 4. Tocaco leaf solution (pest repellent) preparation ->

<---- Nutrition Garden training programme at village-Uttar Surendra Ganj, G-Plot unit workers participated. Preparation of seed bed is under progress... ----->

<---- Group formation activities in different villages of Frasergunj G.P under SCA/SOH project ----->

<---- Group formation meetings in different villages... ----->

<---- Multi purpose trees plantation for social forestry at Jogindrapur village river side, Sundarban ----->

Mangrove nursery pot filing by women
group members of Ramganga block

<----PRA/PVA programme is going on at different vilages of Patharpratima block, Sundarbans ----->