Major Programmes

Food and Livelihood Security

The main focus of this programme is to enhance farm enterprise production and diversity through scientific management of natural resources.

Climate Change Adaptation

The aim of this programme is to raise awareness regarding causes of climate change, impacts of such changes on agro-ecosystems, natural...

Environment Education

In this programme we work for identification of child leaders who are leading the environment actions in the villages, and for ensuring rights

Case Stories

Putuna Sardar

Putuna Sing Sardar, a farmwoman joined Radha Krishna Swanirbhar Mahila Dal under DRCSC in search of a secure livelihood for the small farming family and becoming self-dependent in 2021. From the initial days, she was enthusiastic about the nature of work the Service Centre Read more


Ajit Singha Babu

Ajit Singha babu, 73 years old is a very active and enthusiast integrated farmer. He has set an example of a successful IFS design in own holding with the support of DRCSC under the NABARD CCA Project. In about 2 katha of land adjacent to his house where he has raised nutrition garden, mixed cropping. Read more


Arati Hansda

Arati started her journey with 'DRCSC' on 2016 by doing Single Stick Paddy on about 0.1 acre of land as a trial. At the beginning she didn't believe about its importance. After transplantation of paddy, she observed that it was growing slowly but after 21 days, the paddy started growing faster than the traditional practice... Read more


From Brick Kilns to Books

Donate to free children like Soma from working in the brick kilns and send them to school. Soma is just 13, but she has been working in the brick kilns for a long time. Every morning, she would head to the kiln without any breakfast, because there often was not any. She would carry load after load of bricks on her head.Read more

Our Vision: To work for a sustainable future free from poverty, hunger and environmental degradation

Our Mission: Ensure food, nutrition and livelihood security of the resource poor population through skill development, action research, networking oriented to collective self sufficiency


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