Education and Child Rights

Education and Child Rights

In this programme we work for identification of child leaders who are leading the environment actions in the villages, and for ensuring rights towards free and compulsory education. Between the years 2014-16 financial year we've encouraged and motivated 26 schools' teachers, children and other stakeholders to have nutrition garden in their schools, in North 24 Parganas and Bankura for supplementing fresh vegetables in their mid-day meals and to use it as a live laboratory. Recent activities gallery


Implementation Strategy

This is a multi-layered programme, in which we have to work with multi-stakeholders like- teachers, students/children, non-teaching staffs, mid-day meal producing Self Help Groups, parents etc. To implement the same we first work with the School Management Committees to increase their awareness level on various issues like- environment, pollution, child health, child nutrition, child rights etc. Then we take special classes with other stakeholders to make them aware of the multiple benefits knowing their rights and entitlements in this regard. Finally, we organize various group workshops, seminars and training programmes etc. involving different stakeholders in the schools. However, we also provide handholding and follow-up support to different stakeholders when and where required.




We are directly working with more than 50 schools (Primary, upper primary, High school and ICDS) in both rural and urban areas spread over 35 GPs and 5 districts of West Bengal, India.




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Organic school kitchen garden at Hingalgunj, Sundarbans

Lucy Sharma, a youth girl student describing how we can be prepared to fight with any adverse situation

Kunal Das a child champion describing how to reduce climate change effects with taking some simple measures at home


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