Current Activities... Activities done in last six months:

Image Sample Most of the beneficiaries who were engaged as Agricultural wage labourer earlier, now a days have involved in share cropping. Thus, agricultural practice is being enhanced gradually in both bigger land and homestead lands as well. Refresher trainings have been conducted at the commencement of the rainy season including sack cultivation, preparation of organic manures, SRI in paddy cultivation etc.

Image SampleRegular meetings and orientations have been conducted with the Federation leaders towards establishment of these Federations as self-managed organizations. Workshops on preparing annual plan and budget, participatory planning etc. have been done. Financial Management Trainings are also being provided to the leaders. Like every year, Annual General Meetings of the Federations have been conducted. Most importantly, almost all the AGMs were organized by their own with a minimum facilitation by DRCSC.

Image SampleFederation leaders went through training on Advocacy and Networking with the objective to establish some of them as local advocates. They are responsible for maintaining liaison with local authorities, looking after towards availing different government schemes, applying for resources for their respective locality etc. Impacts are visible in the project areas e.g. application for tube well, well, road etc. have been sanctioned and received.


Image SampleNetworking with different Government departments along with other NGOs is being tried with special emphasis and as a result organizations like Basu Bigyan Society, World Vision, Pratham, GIZ etc. have extended their hands of cooperation towards well-being of the beneficiaries. Apart from weekly savings and membership subscription, these 1600 beneficiaries have developed a Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) around Rs. 30,00,000/- by their own contribution.

Federations are providing loans towards individual, sub-group and group IGA and trying to establish collective marketing of products of the beneficiaries. Necessary documents have already been submitted towards registration as Cooperative Societies.

Strengthening of Marginalized Families to Overcome Structural Poverty in Areas with High Rates of Malnutrition