Activities for result step ahead of STEP UP project

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  • Individual planning in all families (FDP)
  • Setup of revolving loan funds (RLF)
  • Training on Sustainable agri. technologies
  • Training on effective post-harvest technologies
  • Training on effective marketing
  • Establishment of rice banks and seed banks at village level
  • Joint action for the access to primary health care and improved nutrition
  • Training and workshops for the staff


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  • Participatory analysis of the federations and joint planning
  • Training of the federations in financial management
  • Workshops of the federations to develop annual strategic plans and budgets
  • Development of a target-group-centered monitoring system
  • Empowerment of federations to enforce their entitlements and access to non-governmental services
  • Gain access to health care providers
  • Targeted networking of the partner NGOs and SHOs
  • Selection and training of social opinion makers
  • Information events and meetings with policy makers
  • Preparation of village development plans and observance of action days (national days)
  • Targeted research and dissemination of the project approach

Strengthening of Marginalized household to Overcome Structural Poverty in Areas with High Rates of Malnutrition