About Project ..one step ahead of STEP UP project

Image SampleSince 2012 a project has been launch for Ultra Poor to achieve livelihood security as Sustainable Technology transfer to Enhance Productivity for Ultra Poor.

Over all objective
The project contributes to the structural eradication of extreme poverty and hunger in highly food-insecure areas of Bangladesh and India.



Achievement are as follows


  • Ultra poor beneficiaries are united in structured groups.
  • taking share, leased and Mortgage land for agri practices for field crops by the groups
  • increased production, cropping intensity and cultivable area
  • established a Sustainable farming system of agronomic crops & livestock
  • practiced effective methods of sustainable agriculture and soil fertility management.
  • decision making is made jointly between men and women.
  • linkages with Local Government and other departments have been established for various safety net supports to the beneficiaries.

.. the main thrust of this concept

In order to continue these process, it is essential to think about the Sustainability, where people can take their responsibility of increase quality of living. The significance of coming together of groups to form Self-Help Organization becomes essential for above reasons.

Strengthening of Marginalized Families to Overcome Structural Poverty in Areas with High Rates of Malnutrition


DRCSC has been implementing this project in two Blocks of two districts, i.e. Nabagram & Bhagabangola I in Murshidabad district and Mahammad bazar & Durajpur Block in Birbhum district.

Project objective (Outcome)

  • The capacities of marginalized families and their organisations are strengthened as well as their resilience towards risk factors.
  • Their income and nutritional status increases significantly and participate in economic, social and political development processes for the alleviation of hunger and malnutrition.
  • The Self-Help Organisations directly enable 19,300 families to eradicate their disadvantages

Expected results (Output)

  1. Women-led Self-Help Federations independently support their members in the expansion of IGAs.
  2. The income, food security & health of the target group significantly increases as a consequence.
  3. The Self-Help Organisations (groups and federations) of the target group and local partner have qualified staff. and sufficient organisational competencies and capacities to act independently and effectively for the interests of marginalized people.
  4. The Self-Help organisations make civil society organisations, policy makers and service providers accountable for the needs of marginalized groups.

Project Area

Districts Blocks Panchayats (GPs) Villages
Birbhum Md. Bazar, Dubrajpur Bharkata, Bhutura, Parulia 22 Nos
Murshidabad Nabagram, Bhagabangola-1 Nabagram, Narayanpur, Mahashathali 22 Nos