About the Project

DRCSC has been implemented a project, "Promotion of Agroforestry practices in different ecosystems and its sustainable management and utilization in Birbhum district, West Bengal" supported by Japan Fund for Global Environment (JFGE) since April 2019. The project is being implemented with a coverage of 600 beneficiary households in 2 Blocks (Md. Bazar and Labpur) of Birbhum District with an objective To increase the availability of food, fodder, fuel wood by development of agro forestry models on under/unutilized common/private and public lands and reducing of green house gases (GHGs) emission through introduction of alternative energy facilities resulting into improved living conditions of rural poor households especially women.



arrow Agro forestry plantation in different ecosystems i.e. plantation of local variety plant species in fallow/waste lands, road/canal side, surrounding rice    fields etc.

arrow Introducing Appropriate Technologies like smokeless oven, bio-gas, rooftop rainwater harvesting structures, excavation/renovation of ponds

arrow Training and Awareness on Agroforestry and Eco-farming


Activities done in the financial year 2019-20

arrow A total of 18.76 Hectare area has been planted with around 21000 saplings (26 types) in different eco-systems like Road / Canal side,Fallow / Waste    land, Surrounding rice fields and Homestead lands as well. During the plantation activities around 985 person days have been created and a local    contribution of Rs. 55784/- has been generated.

arrow Community nurseries have been set up in 2 Blocks. About 27000 seedlings were prepared in these nurseries

arrow 126 smokeless ovens and 14 bio-gas have been installed