Eradication of Extreme Poverty and Hunger in Structurally Disadvantaged Areas of Bangladesh and India (DABI)

Events ::

1. Paravet kit distribution      2. Livestock vaccination is being done by the beneficiaries..      3. Livestock distribution programme      4. Observation of significant days

A training on Financial Management was held at Bolpur Training Centre on 6th to 9th May'19. Representatives from all three partners of this project i.e. DRCSC, TSRD and Pollishree (Bangladesh) along with representatives from NETZ, Bangladesh were present in this training. Mr.Suman Paul from NETZ Bangladesh was the main facilitator for this training and he was accompanied by his colleague Md. AminurRahman.

This was an intensive training for three days. Though the context was related to DABI project, but still an overall understanding of financial management was the output of the programme. Several issues like tools of financial management, concept of budget and its' importance on project activities, preparing a fund request, concept of internal control system, concept of internal & external audit, procurement process, inventory management etc. were the highlighted issues to be discussed.

The project is Funded by BMZ Germany, in cooperation with NETZ Bangladesh, implemented by DRCSC